Home on the Range

Denny and I have been together for some 18 years now, and we have an extended family of 4 children. We have been fortunate enough to live on 15 beautiful acres in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. Our next door neighbours were very bothersome sometimes. The ducks make a splash when they came in to land on the dam, the frogs rejoiced when it rained, the bush wallabies were not toilet trained and the possums loved to have a midnight munch on Denny's chillis - much to his vexation.

In my spare time I am a very crafty person. At the moment I am working on an enormous cross stitch design called "Spiritdancer", "Earthdancer" comes next. I had intended these works of art to be a Christmas present for my daughter but which Christmas, certainly not this one, as I find it more and more difficult to tear myself away from my computer. I also make my own soap and in fact Denny gets quite grumpy when he is forced to use the commercial stuff. If you have a good recipe for vegetable soap please email it to me as I have no hard or fixed rules when making mine. Every batch is different.

Together Denny and I do all our home brewing. I like the low alcohol beer which has very little sugar added to it, but Denny prefers that dreadful stuff, stout. We also had a lot of success with our first batch of apple cider, it was delicious. Feeling very big headed with success we were silly enough to do it again. Three o'clock one morning I thought the army had landed to practice their shooting skills on us, only to find that 24 bottles of cider had decided to explode in sympathy with each other. Two years later I'm still picking up bits of glass. Timber floors are wonderful.

This is myself and Denny on our wedding day.
 You will notice he is about to sign his life away.

We were married in the oldest chapel
in Queensland Australia.


Nothing beats a glass of champagne to celebrate.

This is one of my favourite photos of that day.





Our children from the left. Jared, Melody, (Denny and myself) Rohan and Lee, and they are all still single. Any takers? Please!

Poor Trudi was quite worn out. As you can see she is emotionally upset and has difficulty relaxing.


Merlin the black terror loves nothing more than to pick on our puppy Pebbles who was 17 years old when this picture was taken. Both are gone now, we didn't enjoy saying goodbye to such old friends.